Identify the version in Sage CRM Cloud

By | March 31, 2015

In our earlier post, we explained how to identify the Sage CRM versions and patches installed. Here is the link for your reference. Identify Sage CRM version and its patches
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In this blog, we will explain you how to identify the Sage CRM Cloud version. Unlike Sage CRM on-premise version, Sage CRM Cloud Login page is displayed as shown below.
However CRM Version is not mentioned on the Login page. Also since it is a Cloud version, one cannot even use Sage CRM Database to identify Sage CRM Versions and patches.
But once user login into Sage CRM Cloud, he can follow below steps to identify Sage CRM Cloud version.
1) Login to Sage CRM Cloud.
2) Navigate to My CRM | Preferences tab. (It is little different than what we have in on-premise desktop version.) Refer below screenshot.
3) Clicking on Preferences option user will navigate to the screen where you will find About CRM button as shown below.
4) On clicking of About CRM button, you will get a popup message along with the Sage CRM Cloud version and other information. Refer below screenshot.
5) Alternatively user can also find version information by entering Sage CRM URL to new browser (make sure one instance is running with same user) which will show the information message saying User is already logged on to CRM with Licensed information at the bottom of Login page. Refer below screenshot.
So if you want to check version and patches installed on your Sage CRM Cloud system, you can follow any of the above methods.
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