Run the External JavaScript file in 64-bit Operating system

By | March 20, 2012

Sage CRM allows running External JavaScript file to create new record or update the existing records. For example if we create new company records in bulk based on the certain specified condition or want to update the same; Importing or updating the company data by using the external JavaScript file is relatively very easy as compared to the other standard data repairing methods. For example I have to update the company’s data in CRM using excel sheet data. To achieve this we can use external JavaScript file, based on the data, it will execute in mere few minutes. Also in this external JavaScript file you can write a script to create the log file which will inform us whether the data was updated appropriately or not. Note that the file must have the file extension “.js”. Additionally note that in this external JavaScript file there is no need to add the <Script> tag.
Also, we can implement external JavaScript files when we want to use the same script on multiple pages, as there is no need to rewrite the code on every time!
We can run this JavaScript file by double clicking the filename in the 32 bit version system. On the other hand in the 64 bit version the same file cannot be executed directly by double clicking the filename. Below are the steps to deal with this issue.

  • Go to the Run.
  • Go to the Command prompt.
  • In Command prompt  type as follow:      C:\ windows\syswow64\wscript.exe “<File path>”.
  • Click on enter button to run the file.