Unable to initialize Data Dictionary Invalid Object Name “SYSTEMINFO”

By | March 26, 2012

Recently I came across a scenario when I tried logging into the SalesLogix client, an error popped up saying “Unable to initialize Data Dictionary Invalid Object Name “SYSTEMINFO”. It’s a strange issue as a day before I was able to login into the system.
Initially I thought SQL services of my machine/server moght be disabled/not started, due to which I am unable to connect to the database. To verify the same I checked whether platform service is running on database server. I also rechecked and confirmed the SQL browser services. To resolve the issue I even tried restating the system but no luck.
After some time I realized that I was not able to login into Client, Administrator and not even in the Architect. So I decided to check the SalesLogix connection Manager as it is first level of checking that we normally follow to find out whether database connection is properly established with the saleslogix server or not. On opening the connection manager and testing the connection I was still getting the same error. I also verified the database name, Saleslogix connection port, Username and password that were entered while creating the connection.
In the next level of troubleshooting I found the resolution of the issue. The issue can be resolved by following simple steps while creating the saleslogix connection which are also mentioned in the implementation guide. I am listing the steps again for reference.
1. Start the SalesLogix Connection Manager.
2. Add or Edit the current connection.
3. Make sure that you have entered correct Server/Database and sysdba/password settings.
4. Then go to All tab.
5. Double-click Persist Security Info option. In the Property Value drop-down list, select True.
6. Click on OK button.
7. Then Double-click on Integrated Security option and Click Reset Value.
8. Click on OK button.