Why Notify Time Field is used in Escalation

By | April 18, 2012

Sage CRM provides many features at administration level that can be used to make modifications and customizations without having to do intense coding. For e.g. Workflow, Table Level Scripting, Translation. In this blog we am going to explain the notification feature of Escalation in Sage CRM.
Escalation is a key tool of CRM to implement different kinds of functionality e.g.
1)     Display Notification on  Entity Screen
2)     Display Message on Entity Screen
3)     Send E-mail to Person or Assignment Users
4)     Create Communications/Cases/Lead/Opportunity base on condition.
But sometimes the requirement is to display notification on screen whenever case is created and also display this notification to the assigned user. Please refer the screen shot given below for you reference.

To implement this we need to follow the below steps
Go to Adminstration -> Advanced Customization ->  Escalation
1)     Click on the New button
2)     Enter value in Following fields

  1. Rule Name:XXXXX
  2. Table: Case
  3. Rule Enable:Check
  4. Trigger SQL Clause: <Enter your Condition>
  5. Click on the save button
  6. Select XXXX Escalation  from list
  7. Click on the Change button
  8. Click on the new button
  9. Select Show Notification on screen list from list
  10. Enter value in following fields

i.    Column:case_notifytime
ii.    Table:Cases
iii.     Message: #case_referenceId# is assigned to you.
11. Click on the save button
After implementing these steps users are able display the notification on screen. But we found a problem here that the users were not able to Dismiss or Snooze the selected items. So we analyzed this issue and found that we have to apply notifytime condition in Trigger SQL Clause, i.e. case_notifytime<#T. Once we applied this we were able to Dismiss or Snooze the selected notifications.