Escalation Rules

By | April 8, 2011

This post is a result of an observation made by one of our reseller friends in the partner forums. This was a wonderful post and I thought of sharing it with everybody.

The escalations in Sage CRM are a excellent feature but there is some confusion on how they are initiated and fired, do they require some informative action to have them executed etc. This is one of the series of blogs that I intend to write for the understanding of escalations and workflow for mere mortals like myself who are not able to some decipher the “simple” Sage CRM System Administrator guide.

In Sage CRM 6.2 the escalations were not executing that only had a set column value. This was pretty absurd. I mean I can understand that Sage CRM needs to update the user that a particular field in updated from X to Y. This is OK if there are just one or two notifications in a day. Imagine having 40 to 50 notifications every day on your screen is not a very good thing. Sage CRM support acknowledged that this was not a best approach and claimed that this should all have been fixed in 6.2g. It is also important to note whether or not you are using the Escalation Service. If you have got Use Escalation service set to Yes (under AdminAdvanced CustomizationWorkflow and Escalation Configuration) then the eware.dll will only process Escalation rules that have a notify action.

If you set Use Escalation Service to No then you should see this escalation rule working pretty immediately as it will get processed by the eware.dll whenever there is someone logged on.

Hope this helps.