Managing Email Interaction through CRM

By | June 28, 2012

In most of the organizations, complaint or request management is email based. In this case it is very much necessary to have tracking parameters to search such email communications like Interaction Id’s, Reference Id’s etc. This helps us track the communications logged by customer as well as responses sent for the same in CRM system. Now email logging is the standard feature provided by Sage CRM through communication.js script files. We at Greytrix have modified this feature to manage email interactions through tracking parameters . Below is the summary of behavior. This only needs a standard rules file communication.js to be replaced by the one we will be providing and creating necessary fields on communication entity through Component.
Features of the Module:
1. Auto Reply to customers:
Once an email sent by customer is filed in CRM, an auto acknowledgement email will be sent out to the customer. The content of the auto reply email can be modified  Or else standard email templates can be used for email sending. This email will have subject line formatted including the interaction id as given below. Also it will be mentioned in an email that customer should not change interaction in subject line.
Re:[I90001]Issue with portal access
If customer replies back and provide more information than before filing it in CRM, system will check whether Interaction ID is available in subject. If it is present, then it will get filed against that particular Person\Customer in CRM under communications tab with same interaction id. While finding such communications we can use Interaction id as search parameter to find entire email thread for any customer. If Interaction Id is not present in the subject line, then it would be considered as a fresh communication and same process of sending an Auto reply will be followed.
2. Generation of Interaction Id:
If customer is sending an email to the common email bucket at that time system would perform a check for the availability of Interaction Id in the subject line as explained above. If it does not exist, then system would generate an Interaction id automatically and appends to acknowledgement.  Along with adding the interaction id by default, we can also set the values of some other fields available in Email In screen. For e.g.:  Adding name of the TEAM, Action of an email, etc.