Error exporting reports to excel in CRM part 2

By | June 26, 2012

In the current versions of Sage CRM we come across this error very often. There are several reasons why this error may occur. I had discussed couple of issues in my earlier blog posts on this particular website (Links below).
Error exporting reports to excel
Desktop Size Limitation
Sometimes even if we follow all the settings and configurations correctly as mentioned in guide as well as do all standard practices, this thing refuses to work. If you are done with trying above mentioned two suggestions you can try playing around with Tomcat settings. To check whether file export is working properly through the tomcat server you can follow below mentioned steps.
1. Check whether temporary file of your report excel is getting generated under WWWRoot/Temp folder. If it is not getting generated, just try giving proper security access rights on this directory to ASPNET and user being used for authentication.
2. If temporary file is not getting generated, next thing you could check is whether Interactive Dashboards are working.
3. If Interactive Dashboards are not working, first check whether Tomcat service is running. If not, go to Services console (Run | Services.msc) and Start Apache Tomcat service.
4. If your tomcat service appears to be running and then also Reports are not you may need to check JDBC properties for Tomcat. For that you have to go to “C:\Program Files\sage\crm\CRM\tomcat\webapps\crmj\WEB-INF” and open JDBC.Properties files. In this you can check whether the Database server credentials are correct. If not, Stop Apache tomcat service, modify this file, Save and Start the service again.
5. Even after setting up Tomcat correctly excel reports don’t work sometimes. In that case you can check the CRMRewriter settings. For doing the same you can go to “C:\Program Files\sage\crm\Services\IISUtils\CRMRewriter” and open CRM.Rewriter.rules file in text editor. Check which port is being used for redirection. This port has to be similar to the port mentioned under Connector port tag of Tomcat server configuration. To check Tomcat server configuration you can go to “C:\Program Files\sage\crm\CRM\tomcat\conf” and open Server.xml file. In this file you will find Tag named Connector port. Check the value of the port which should match with the port under redirector settings as mentioned above.
6. There are tips given in CRM installation guide to check whether Redirector is working. Below is the extract of the same.
This URL should redirect to Test.html page properly as per the rules written in Redirector rules file as mentioned above. Another way to check this would be to try Spellchecker on email screen. If that doesn’t work redirector is not working.
7. As CRMRewriter is being used for exporting reports to excel it is necessary that the user set on CRMJ directory in IIS must be able to access all the files under library folder. This way impersonation works and files are loaded without problem.