Remove send e-mail button from e-mail screen and use send using outlook only

By | August 7, 2012

In Sage CRM, we can send an Email by using the Send E-mail button available on email screens. There are two buttons available here. One is Send E-mail and another is Send using Outlook. I wanted to remove Send Email button and keep only Send using outlook.

Below are the steps I followed for my requirement.
1. Go to Administration | Customization | Communication.
2. Click on the Screens tab.
3. Here you can see all the screens which are related to Communication entity. Click on the EmailFilingBox screen. Maintain Screen Definition page will get displayed.
4. Copy the below script and paste it in to the Custom Content box.
<script for=window event=onload>
               if((document.all[i]“SendEmail.gif”)>-1) || (document.all[i]“Send E-mail”)>-1))
                        document.all[i].style.visibility = hidden;