User’s Home Territory and Assigned to rights in CRM

By | July 26, 2013

Here in this blog I will explain an interesting functionality of rather complex module “Territories”. We all know that CRM handles access rights according to the territory structure and profile combinations. Hence territory structure should be properly managed so that all users can view information accordingly.
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For an example consider an organization having a sales department in which Sales Manager reports to Sales Head and sales executive reports to sales manager. As shown in following screenshot, all sales executives are at the same hierarchy level, while sales manager at higher level whereas sales head at the top level.
Now, referring to above structure all sales executives will have Sales Executive profile. Now there are chances that in one territory I have 2 sales executives. If I will set Users Home territory rights for Sales Executive profile they both can see each other’s opportunities. Below is the screenshot wherein Peter Johnson and Matthew Ebden, both sales executives can view opportunities assigned to each other as per the security matrix.



However when I am giving sales permissions the sales becomes very tight and I don’t want executives to see each other’s data even though they belong to same territory. So on the top of Home territory rights we can apply the Assigned To rights as follows.


Once this is done system will apply “Users Home territory” rights first and then filter the data as per the “Assigned To” rights. Due to this sales executives cannot view each other’s data even though they belong to same home territory.