How Territory is set to User Home Territory?

By | November 27, 2015

Sage CRM is very much flexible to manage different type of scenarios as per the business needs. But we can’t even deny the level of comfort gained through Standard CRM system which helps in managing the time with the amount of functionalities offered. In below article, I will explain one such functionality of CRM which seems to be bit confusing for users as per the below forum link shared.

Forum Link: Set Territory to User Home Territory

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To explain the resolution given or the actual functionality of Sage CRM, let’s consider below example –

Now, when you login into CRM through Admin user and create a new record of any entity may it be Company, Lead, and Opportunity etc. You will find that the value set in Territory field is Default, although his Home Territory was set as Worldwide. Though this seems to be bit confusing, it happens to be the functionality of this particular field. As the value Default means that CRM is ready to set the home territory of the logged in user. Please find the below image.


On click of “Save”, Territory field automatically gets set to “Worldwide”.
Again, when you login with user DolanW and create a new company, you will find value set in Territory field as Default although his Home Territory is Ireland. This value will set once you save the record successfully. Please find below image.
On click of “Save”, Territory field automatically gets set to Ireland.
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