Greytrix Sage CRM migration Service – An overview of process

By | August 6, 2014

Data migration is a key element which you consider before adapting to any new system. It can be a fairly time-consuming process and can be painful at times. That’s where our Fixed Cost; No effort migration services comes in picture. We provide 1 test and 1 live migration at a Fixed Cost so you are doubly sure of the data which is being migrated with no worries on cost over-run.
We migrate data from ACT, Goldmine,, SalesLogix, Maximizer and custom DB’s to Sage CRM Desktop or Sage CRM cloud. We try our best to keep data conversion downtime (i.e. couple of working days) at the most minimum, so you can kick start using your new system right away and start doing business. All this said, let’s have a walk through the migration process that we follow in order to convert the data.
New Stuff: Migrate data from Glodmine to Sage CRM.
A Migration project consists of two Stages i.e. 1 test and 1 live. We follow this approach to make the live data conversion as accurate and smooth as possible. The timeline for standard migration depends on factors like complexity and size of data etc.
In our migration service we migrate Company, Person, Communication, Opportunity, Documents, custom information stored in user defined location and notes residing in Source CRM to Sage CRM.
— Migrate ACT data to Sage CRM.
— Migrate Goldmine data to Sage CRM.
Now, let’s have a quick glance to find out as why we do two conversions –
>> Test Migration: During this, we convert source data and migrate it to specified Sage CRM system. Below given are some benefits of doing the Test Migration –
a. We note all the migration hiccups, data ambiguities that need’s massaging.
b. Exact time-estimate for the live conversion
c. Planning the Schedule of the live conversion to minimize the downtime
d. We make note of all the suggestions/correction that users will have after the test conversion so that we can implement them during the live conversion.
>> Live Migration: Once you are done with the verification of the Test converted data, we proceed with the live conversion. Process is similar to what you have followed during the test.
In order to start with the migration, we require following;
1Details of source CRM version and edition (e.g. Act! Premium v16) so that we can accordingly make preparation to fetch data from the system.
2. Details of Sage CRM version and Edition (e.g. Sage CRM 7.2 with Patch B) so that we can create similar set up accordingly to legacy system and bring in the source data.
3. List of entities to be converted (such as Person, Company, Notes and Communication etc.)
4. Tentative Test / Live conversion schedule so that we can accordingly plan the data migration
5. Any additional Custom fields or Entities migration or otherwise we bring in the source CRM’s standard data only.
6. Merging of the duplicate records. For more details read Merging of the duplicate records
GUMU™ makes your worry less and provides a smooth and accurate data migration to your Sage CRM system. For more details on data migration, drop us a mail at
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