Hide Export data option for Non admin users

By | August 6, 2014

Using Export to File button available on Sage CRM find screens and Group screens, users can export data (in CSV, Text, Excel CSV format). Sage CRM provides a very powerful security mechanism to restrict users from accessing confidential data from Non-admin users and make it available only for Mangers and Administrators.

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Export to File button on Sage CRM Find screen:

Export to File button in Groups:

Admin user can configure access rights to Export to File button by following below steps.
1) Login in to Sage CRM.
2) Navigate to below path.
Administration | E-mail & Documents | Documents & Reports Configuration.
3) Here the user can set field Export to File available on Search/Groups as either Admin Only or Info Manager.
Depending upon the settings done, Export to File options will be available for Sage CRM users. If Admin only or Info Manager options are set, then Export to File button will no longer be available to Non-Admin users.
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