GUMU for Sage CRM-Sage ERP X3 supports Multi-languages

By | August 31, 2015

Our GUMU for Sage CRM sage ERP X3 supports multi language. In our GUMU integration user gets an option to select their preferred language.
To set their desired language user can follow below step:
1. Login to Sage CRM.
2. Navigate to Administration -> Sage ERP X3 -> Security Matrix
3. Select your preferred language from Language dropdown(as shown in below image).

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Please note that, along with above setting user also need to set its language as what it is set in Security Matrix.

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To set User’s language please follow below steps:
1. Navigate to Users->Users.
2. Find the User for which you want to set language.
3. In the More User Details panel select the desired language from language dropdown.
4.   Click on “Save”.
Once the above setting has been done then Sage CRM user can view the Sage CRM captions in their preferred language.
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