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Save time with Case Suggestions on Customer Portal

In our last post, we saw how you can attach Download links to the Knowledge Base to enhance Customer experience. In this post we will see how your resources as well as your Clients can save time owing to the ‘Case Suggestions’ feature provided by CRM Self Service. For this feature to work optimally, the Admin… Read More »

Managing Knowledge Base in the Self Service Portal

The knowledge base is the crux of CRM Self Service Portal. It is designed in such a way so as to save time of both the End-Users as well as our Clients. An alert and proactive Admin is the key to a well maintained and effective Knowledge Base. It should be the Admin’s prerogative to… Read More »

Adding Custom Pages to CRM Self Service Portal

In practical world, one size doesn’t fit all and we understand the need of organizations to customize. To give our Clients the freedom of customization, we have provided them with an ‘Add Custom Page’ field that allows the Clients to add ‘Custom Pages’ to the portal. This particular field can be found in the drop… Read More »

Customer Retention: The forgotten domain? Part – II

In the last post Customer Retention: The forgotten domain? Part – I, we saw how most companies goof-up on their customer service practices. Now let’s take a look at how companies can save millions of dollars just by taking proper care of their current customers. Do Customers really like to leave their current service providers? (Source… Read More »

Customer Retention: The forgotten domain? Part – I

This post is brought to you by Greytrix’s upcoming Self Service portal. Follow our twitter handle, @selfservicecrm to get more updates As organizations chase new ways of wooing new customers to improve their bottom lines, are we missing out on a surefire way of boosting profit margins: Customer Retention? Companies might be happily adopting the… Read More »