Save time with Case Suggestions on Customer Portal

By | April 29, 2015

In our last post, we saw how you can attach Download links to the Knowledge Base to enhance Customer experience. In this post we will see how your resources as well as your Clients can save time owing to the ‘Case Suggestions’ feature provided by CRM Self Service.
For this feature to work optimally, the Admin must take care that all the cases that get logged and solved on the Self Service Portal should be updated in the Knowledge Base on a regular basis. An updated and properly maintained Knowledge Base is the key to your Portal working efficiently.
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When a Client starts typing to log a new case, your Portal is simultaneously searching the Knowledge base to look for matches. As the Client types, the Portal finds and displays cases based on the keywords that the Client is typing. The Portal will display similar cases that have already been raised and solved.

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About CRM Self Service Portal

If the client finds that his query/case has already been answered in the Knowledge Base, he need not have to raise a fresh case again. He will simply check the Knowledge Base for his solution. This way, your resources will be spared the tedious task of having to answer the same query time and again. On the other hand, the client will be happy that he got a swift answer to his query and that he did not have to go through the procedure of raising a case and waiting for it to get resolved.