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Notification in CRM

In Sage CRM there are 2 places from where we can notify the user. The notifications can be raised from. Notification at escalation rule. Notification at entity level. Let me just clarify the working of each one so that you would be in a position to know which one would be the best for your… Read More »

Escalation Rules

This post is a result of an observation made by one of our reseller friends in the partner forums. This was a wonderful post and I thought of sharing it with everybody. The escalations in Sage CRM are a excellent feature but there is some confusion on how they are initiated and fired, do they… Read More »

Enabling Secondary Entities for Escalation

Sage CRM has provided wonderful features to automate tasks like sending mails or notifications etc using Escalation. We can send automated emails through implementing business rules using escalation service in SageCRM. Have you ever been thought about sending automated emails or setting escalation rules for secondary entities in CRM? Recently I had come up with… Read More »