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Set Workflow for Quotes and Orders in Sage CRM

In Sage CRM, workflow automates business processes using a predefined set of business rules and actions. In a business, if two or more teams are working on a project and they have to see the progress of project then this can be defined with the various actions in the workflow. For e.g. Sales team have… Read More »

Define Multiple Service workflow process in Sage CRM

As we know Sage CRM is mostly used because it’s get customize in many ways as per the user requirements. Also in the administration section of Sage CRM there are many settings and options using that user can achieve multiple things without new customization. So in this blog we can see some tricks about workflows… Read More »

Workflow Button Size

One of the many wonderful things that I experience after being associated with Sage is the very closely knit and ever ready to assist attitude of the company and the fellow development and reseller friends. As a development partner if at all I need some assistance then in any of the Sage product lines, first… Read More »