Export data from Sage 100 ERP using Visual Integrator Job

By | August 27, 2012

Almost all enterprise systems available in market provide some kind of import and export data to/from the system. Likewise, Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) ERP provides a powerful mechanism to import/export data through Visual Integrator. In VI, one needs to create Jobs (import/export) as per his/her needs.

We would be discussing, as how one can export data using VI Jobs. Generally, VI supports connections such as ODBC, CSV, ASCII, etc. keeping logic, and selection criteria intact for the jobs.

To create Export Job follow below mention steps:

  1. Start Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) ERP system and navigate to MAS 90 >> Modules >> Visual Integrator >> Main >> Export Job Maintenance.
  2. You will see “V/I Export Job Selection” screen. Enter Export Job Name in “Job Name” field and select Table Name from lookup, for which you want to export data and click Accept button.
V/I export job selection
  1. A prompt will appear “Whether it is a new job.” Click on Yes button to continue if it is a New Job (Or you can use the previously set jobs to Import/Export).
  2. You will see “Export Job Maintenance” screen. Navigate to “Configuration” tab and enter description in “Long Description” field, select “File Type” and browse file in which you want to export data.
Export job maintenance
  1. Then the “Data” tab, select required/desired fields from “Available Fields” using “” button i.e. “Add Selected Field” button.
mul export job maintenance
  1. In “Select” tab, you can apply filter for the fields.
sage 100 erp development
  1. Select those fields, on which you want to apply filter. Double click on the selected field and you would be able to see the below screen.
export from sage 100
  1. Set the conditions accordingly and click on Accept button.
  2. In “Sort” tab, you will have options to sort (Ascending/Descending) order.
export job sage 100 erp
  1. Thus, creation of Export Job is completed and is ready for execution. To execute, click on Accept button, it will prompt for “Execute this Job?” click “Yes” to continue.
  2. You can directly execute this job by clicking Accept button or else can test by clicking on Test button.
export customer master sage 100
  1. Once the execution is completed, you will get Export summary screen. If you want to view job log file you can click “Yes” button or else click No button.
VI export summary
  1. As a result, Visual Integrator jobs is created, and could be executed multiple times for Exporting data into Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) ERP, making it useful and time saving module for the Users. Similarly, users can create Jobs for importing data into Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) ERP.

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