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Manual Check and Payment Entry in Sage 100

Manual Check and Payment Entry is used to enter information from handwritten checks, wire transfers, invoices, and general ledger distribution information. You can write a check or process a wire transfer for a payables transaction (for example, COD shipment or petty cash)using this task. You can also enter check information to quickly print a manual check and record… Read More »

Work Order Traveler Printing in Sage 100

Work Order Traveler Printing uses information entered in Work Order Entry to produce printed work order travelers to be attached to work orders as they travel through the shop. Bar codes can be printed for information such as the work order number, item/bill number, routing number, make for order, make for work order step, make for customer, quantity… Read More »

Sage 100 – How to set up direct deposit stubs using Paperless Office

Here, we want to share how to use Paperless Office for direct deposit stubs. For this, you will need advanced knowledge of your network. We encourage you to contact your system administrator for assistance. The first step is to setup e-mail for the company for which you want to e-mail payroll direct deposit stubs. To… Read More »

Sage 100 – Lot and Serial Number History Report

Lot and Serial Number History Report is used to view a history of lot and/or serial items sold and invoiced, detailed by lot and/or serial number. If a lot or serial number valuation method is used for inventory items, you can print this report quarterly, annually, or as necessary to satisfy auditing requirements. This report… Read More »

AR Invoice Adjustment Entry in Sage 100 ERP

When creating Invoices, many a times we come across a scenario where we need to modify an Invoice but since the Invoice is already posted we cannot modify the same. This is default behavior in most ERP system for security purpose, to work around the error we then need to reverse the Invoice by creating Credit Note… Read More »

Sage 100 Miscellaneous Items in Sales Order

Sometimes people don’t use the inventory management module in the MAS90 system as they don’t deal with Inventory items and warehouses in business. But they need to create sales Orders with few limited services Items for which they can’t afford to purchase Inventory Module. Hence Sage 100 (formerly Sage MAS90) has provided functionality to use… Read More »