How to create Master Sales Order in Sage 100

By | December 27, 2013
When a customer calls to place an order, a lot of information is required at fingertips. Sales Order module for the Sage 100 ERP provides all such information like customer’s mailing and shipping address, availability of specific units in inventory, or alternate items if those on order are out of stock. That’s not all. It also provides item pricing, quantity pricing, specific customer pricing, costs, customer credit limits, credit card deposit information, and more.
In this blog, we will see an another important feature of Master Sales Order.

Creating Master Order

Master Orders documents the total quantity of items to be delivered over a period of time using standard sales orders. The master Order tracks the original quantity ordered and the remaining balance as sales orders are created. After master order, information is copied to a standard sales order and can be modified or processed “as is”.
It is interesting to know that if we create a Master Sales Order, say with a quantity of 100 followed by creating a standard Sales Order for 25, the Master Order balance reduce down to 75.
To create a Master Order user needs to navigate to the Sales Order Entry Screen. System gives options to select Master Order from the Order Type dropdown.
After selecting Order Type other required field should be filled. It is also advisable to recheck Customer’s Address and Tax related info.
User should then navigate to Lines Tab. On the Lines tab, Line Items and its quantity should be selected as specified by the customer. Accept should be processed to save the data and create a Sales Order. This ends the process of creating a Sales Order with Master Order.
Master-Order display quantities on the Lines tab with the remaining quantity displaying in the Balance column. Each time an order is created referencing the master-order, the balance-quantities will be recalculated. If an order referencinga master-order is deleted, the balance-quantities will be restored to the master-order’s lines.
In our next blog, we will see how to create Standard sales order from Master Sales Order.

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