Clear activity log in Sage 100

By | March 28, 2014
In this blog, we are going to discuss how we can clear the existing Activity log in Sage 100. Before we get into the details, let’s first understand as why Sage 100 provides a feature such as an activity Log. 
“Use Activity Log to view a continuous record of significant operating events (for example, installing applications, or performing system startup, file maintenance, or period end processing). This log also lists any error conditions that have occurred.”
Above is the definition provided in Sage 100 ERP. These logs are very useful in reviewing the system issues and events. But these log tables gets filled very early and take a lot of space in the memory. There is no option in Sage 100 to clear all the logs in one go, but there is one alternative to this by which you can clear the log table. 
Below given steps should be performed by a Sage 100 Administrator – 
  • Log-out all existing user and stop the Sage 100 server. 
  • Go to MAS_SYSTEM folder of the 100 system server. 
  • Rename the existing SY_ActivityLog.M4T table to SY_ActivityLog_2014_28_03.M4T
  • Now, start the server and log-in to Sage 100. The system will try to locate the SY_ActivityLog.M4T to write log. In case, if it is not found then it creates a new SY_ActivityLog.M4T table file and write the entry to it. 
This kind of log clearing is also very helpful. In case, you want to check some old logs, then just re-name the desired old log file and you will see those old logs in the Activity Log. 
In this way one can easily clear the activity logs in Sage 100.