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Auto Creation of a Project & Estimate

In the Project Accounting module of the MAS 500 system, the user can create a Master Project and against that Master Project create a Sub Project. After the Project, the user can enter Project estimates. But to add other activities like Timesheet, Invoices, and Project Transactions (Debit/Credit) user has to post the estimate entries for… Read More »

Activation of changed Project Accounting Estimates

Business Problem It is not rare that the Project Estimate provided to the client keeps changing frequently due to several factors such as change in the requirements, changes in cost, price, etc. or any other factor thereof. Client may requests for an estimate that was provided earlier to the one that is currently the Changed… Read More »

Accepting Project Accounting Information at ‘Purchase Order Requisition’ entry level.

With this customization one can enter the Project Accounting information at the ‘Purchase Order Requisition’ entry level for each line. When the user generates Purchase Order from the ‘Purchase Order Requisition’ task this information will get carried to the Purchase Order and link that line to the Project line.From this point onwards normal functionality shall… Read More »

Generate Project Invoices directly from Maintain Projects

As per standard Sage MAS 500 functionality, to Generate Project Invoices one needs to first create a batch in ‘Process Project Invoices’, enter the selection criteria on the ‘Generate Project Invoices’ screen and click on ‘Proceed’ and the invoices will be created. This is helpful when we have to create invoices for multiple projects, but… Read More »