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GL Posting for Sales Orders with Special Items in Sage 100 Standard ERP 2013

In this blog, we would discuss about the posting process of G/L Accounts, when Sales order is created in Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90/200 ERP) with special Items as its Line Items. As discussed in our previous blog ‘Create Sales Order Entry with Special Item’, Sage 100 users can use a Special Item… Read More »

How to Update Extended Description for Sales Order and Purchase Order Line Items when creating orders using PVXCOM in Sage 100 ERP

In earlier versions of Sage 100 ERP aka Sage MAS 90/200 (i.e. before version 4.40), it was easy to add/update “Extended Description” by using the “CI_ExtendedDescription_BUS” object and then updating the “Extended Description” with the desired string in Sage 100 ERP. From Sage 100 ERP version 4.40 onwards the “CI_ExtendedDescription_BUS” object is hidden and has… Read More »

Viewing the Profit Margin in the Sales Orders Screen

Currently in the ‘Enter Sales Order and Quotes’ task user can view the Gross Profit Amount and Percent for a single line item. Please refer the below screenshot. If a user wants to view the total Gross Profit for the entire Sales Order then user has to list and then total the profit amounts for… Read More »