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By | November 8, 2013

As Salesforce developers, we know that salesforce has the feature to render a page into PDF format using renderAs=”pdf” in <apex:page> tag feature. Few days back we had gone through a situation where we wanted to allow users to enter input and based on that input PDF document should be downloaded without redirecting to another page.

In main page we need to set the value of exportDataString. The exportDataString is the text/html that you need to export that we are assigning in JavaScript .

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Below is sample code for main VF page and its controller.Fig.1Next we create a pdfdemowrapper Page that will be returned to the main page to download the data in PDF format.

We need to create another page called demo_pdfexport showing the contents of exportDataString . Note that we have used the set escape attribute to false.

Fig.2.Soon we will be writing another Blog post for Export to excel in Salesforce.

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