Non-profit Starter Pack (NPSP) for Salesforce

By | October 9, 2015

Salesforce offers a special collection of packages named Non-profit Starter Pack (NPSP) for non-profit organizations to customize the platform for some common nonprofit user cases. Salesforce NPSP aggregates the whole organization’s information into one system making program management, fundraising, volunteer management, mass communication, reporting etc easily achievable. Organization gets better insights into the member base and is able to view trends, simultaneously automating communications to make donor to outreach the organization more efficiently, timely and more targeted.

To cite some examples of NPSP pack:

  1. Contacts & OrganisationsEnables the recording of Individuals.
  2. HouseholdsAllows the grouping of Contacts by their household.
  3. AffiliationsTrack relationships between contacts and organisation.
  4. RelationshipsConnect two contacts with each other.  Mark the relationship and current status.
  5. Recurring Donations: Quickly create a schedule of donations at the Account or Contact level.  Enables forecasting of pledge donations.

Non-profit Starter Pack (NPSP)

Donation Management:

Combining the power of with Non profit organizations empowers to connect with their donors in new ways. The Nonprofit Starter Pack provides foundational fundraising elements, which once installed can provide small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations all the tools they need. It contains various features to support out of box functionality of Donation Management like it provides different kind of donations, management of the donation cycle from pledge to payment, handling payments, payments receipts etc.

It provides five standard types of Donations namely Donation, Major Gift, Grant, Matching Donation, Membership and organization can create unique type of sales process for each one of them.

Extending functionality of Salesforce by customizing NPSP model:

As the Salesforce Non-profit starter pack (NPSP) is an open sourced software package with developer contributions, we can extend its functionality by customizing existing NPSP Data Model. Standard relationships can be modified or new ones can be added as per the business requirements e.g. we can add relationship for a guardian and child.

This way, we can use Salesforce NPSP to help nonprofit organizations engage constituents by enabling a 360-degree view of their organization.

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