Map your Business Process in Salesforce

By | November 27, 2015

While working with one of our recruitment based clients, we had a requirement to incorporate their business process for the complete flow of opportunity, right from the “Prospecting” stage to “Closed-Won” stage. The process required certain fields to be updated, records to be auto-submitted for approvals, emails to be fired for certain criteria, etc. and mark our words, Process Builder was such a big relief.

The Process Builder is a workflow tool that helps you easily automate your business processes by providing a powerful and user-friendly graphical representation of your process as you build it.

Automated processes in the Process Builder are based on records and consist of:

  1. Criteria that determine when to execute action groups.
  2. Immediate and scheduled actions to execute when those criteria are met.

Process Builder Features

  1. Trigger an Auto Launched Flow – From Immediate.
  2. Compatible with all Browsers.
  3. Process Builder does not require use or knowledge of Apex, Visualforce, or any other code.
  4. Reduced chances of Hitting SOQL Limits in Processes.
  5. Post to Chatter.
  6. Create a Record:                               Business Process 1
  7. Update Records with an Improved UI: Business Process 2
  8. Schedule Multiple Groups of Actions: Business Process 3
  9. Send an email:                                     Business Process 4
  10. Call Apex methods:                               Business Process 5
  11. Submit for approval:                               Business Process 6

Criteria Based Execution of Action Groups: Business Process 7
Process Builder Vs Classic Workflow

  1. Process Builder Supports Visual designer, calls Apex code, creates records, posts to Chatter, submits for approval whereas Workflow does not support the above.
  2. Any related records can be updated in Process Builder, but in workflow, only the record or its parent can be updated.
  3. Send outbound messages without code via workflow, but in Process Builder Outbound messages are not possible.
  4. Process Builder helps launch a flow via record criteria vs a button or link but it’s not possible in Workflow.

Advantages of Process Builder

  1. Complicated business processes can be easily implemented.
  2. The Visual Aspect of Process Builder makes it very user-friendly.
  3. It provides more flexibility within the criteria stage.
  4. It provides an ability to add layers of a decision.
  5. Quicker Response Time.
  6. It’s ability to quickly respond to changing market.


Based on the above points, the Process Builder might seem to be just perfect, but it does have some limitations. These limitations might get bridged in the future.

  1. Approval Processes support being called by user clicks, Apex, and Visual Workflow; Process Builder only evaluates upon a record changing.
  2. Does not support deletion of records.
  3. Cannot send outbound messages without code.
  4. Does not support user interaction.
  5. Does not support multiple time triggers.
  6. The Process Builder is not available for Group and Contact Manager Edition customers.

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