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How to Fetch current Record Id from Lightning Web Components (LWC)

This blog post explains how to get the current record ID in the Lightning web component. The Record Id property is utilized on the Lightning record page, and it is set to the current record Id. We are using this property in a JavaScript class using a @api decorator, and we need to define recordId… Read More »

How to Get List of Apex Class by using ApextypeImplementor

It was very tedious apex code to get the List of Apex classes with specific Implementation class. Now Salesforce team is providing the “ApexTypeImplementor” feature. Really, we were waiting eagerly for this feature to arrive and From Spring 23 this feature will be generally available. ApexTypeImplementor Usage Below is a sample code to retrieve the… Read More »

How to Create Quick action button using lightning web component

In this blog, we will learn How to Create Quick action button using lightning web component. To create the quick action button in the salesforce we have to perform the following steps: Create the Js-Meta-Xml File using the following code. JS-META-XML File in lightning web component Open Salesforce and go to the setup->Click on Object… Read More »

How to send CSV attachment in apex code

In this blog, we will discuss How to send csv attachment in apex code. Here, we are going to see how create a csv file with code and then we will send that file as attachment to the mail with the help of the apex code. Apex logic to send the csv attachment with mail:… Read More »

How to call the apex method in lightning web component

This blog will help you learn how to call the apex method in the lightning web component. To perform the functions written in the apex class to perform a specific task and create new business solutions. There are two ways to call Apex method from Lightning Web Component: Call apex method Using Wire services. Call… Read More »

How to call an APEX Class from a Screen-Flow

This blog post will go over how to use a Screen Flow to call an Apex class using a straightforward example. The Screen Flow generated in this example has three variables that we have created. Initially, recordId is configured to be available for both input and output. 1. RecordId Variable The second variable that we… Read More »

Use of FLS and CRUD operation in Salesforce

In this blog, we will understand how to perform FLS and CRUD operation in salesforce. Field-Level Security (FLS) in Salesforce let you restrict users’ access to view and edit specific fields. Field level security implements using the CRUD operation (Create, Read, Update and Delete i.e. CRUD). Apex in salesforce doesn’t respect CRUD & FLS. It… Read More »

Map your Business Process in Salesforce

While working with one of our recruitment based clients, we had a requirement to incorporate their business process for the complete flow of opportunity, right from the “Prospecting” stage to “Closed-Won” stage. The process required certain fields to be updated, records to be auto-submitted for approvals, emails to be fired for certain criteria, etc. and… Read More »