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Access to Salesforce system through Network IP

Through the previous blogs, we have covered most of the topics related to the working the basic functionality of GUMU™ Integration for Salesforce to Sage 100 ERP system. In this topic, we will discuss how different users can access the Salesforce Production or Test Org without the verification code that often serves as a required… Read More »

Trailhead – A new way to learn Salesforce

Salesforce earlier started a new tool on developer community named “Trailhead”. Currently, this is in beta mode and Salesforce is adding more features into it. What is “Trailhead”? Trailhead has broken down the Salesforce 1 platform into various sections known as “modules” and these are further divided into units so that one can learn those… Read More »

Changing user email without asking for confirmation from user

Whenever the administrator of a salesforce organization changes the email address of any user, the user receives a notification in the previous email address informing them of the change. In addition to this, an email is sent to the new address asking for confirmation. It is only after the user accepts the change by clicking… Read More »