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Setting up the Sage 300 Integration in GUMU’s New Pure Lightning Interface

This blog highlights the instructions to create a new Integration with Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) using GUMUTM new interface in Salesforce Lightning Mode. PREREQUISITES:- LIGHTNING MODE IS ENABLEDLogin into Salesforce and click “Switch to Lightning Experience”GUMU PRODUCT IS INSTALLEDClick on SetupIn Quick Find, type “Installed Packages”Check if “GUMU Integration” is listed.CONFIGURE REMOTE SITE SETTINGS STEPS:-… Read More »

To modify the columns in GUMU™ Settings – Link and Un-link Accounts page

For checking the flexibility that the GUMU™ Integration provides and to help you truly explore the meaning of the power of flexibility to customize the display of columns using Salesforce. In this blog, we shall help you change the fieldset on Link and Unlink Accounts page. You can add/remove columns in the grid and also… Read More »

Access to Salesforce system through Network IP

Through the previous blogs, we have covered most of the topics related to the working the basic functionality of GUMU™ Integration for Salesforce to Sage 100 ERP system. In this topic, we will discuss how different users can access the Salesforce Production or Test Org without the verification code that often serves as a required… Read More »

Adding Remote site for GUMU™ Sage ERP Integration for Salesforce

In our GUMU™ integration, we used Web service to communicate with Sage ERP. Before configuring the Web service at GUMU™ configuration we need to specify and save the URL in Salesforce Remote Site settings. Adding Web service in remote site settings is an essential part of configuring Integration with Salesforce system. This blog will help… Read More »

GUMU™ Feature – Promote Sales Order from Salesforce to Sage 300 ERP

GUMU™ Sage ERP Integration for Salesforce (Sage X3, Sage 100 and Sage 300) is a real-time bi-directional link which sync data from Salesforce to Sage 300 and vice versa. Using GUMU™ user can promote Sales Order from Salesforce to Sage ERP. Here, in this blog, we will discuss how to promote Sales Order from Salesforce to Sage ERP… Read More »

Promote Shipping Address in Salesforce – Sage 300 Integration

In our previous blog, we had seen how to promote an Account of Salesforce as a Customer in Sage 300. Now, we will see how to promote multiple Shipping addresses from Salesforce to Sage 300. Pre-requisite- An Account in Salesforce should already be linked with the Sage 300 Customer. Now for promoting a new Shipping… Read More »

Using GUMU™ Link existing Salesforce Accounts with Sage 300 ERP Customers

GUMU™ is real time bi-directional integration link. Using GUMU™ user can import new customer from ERP to Salesforce. But consider in case if there are a Customer already exists in Salesforce, then you will have to link those existing customer before start bringing customer from ERP to Salesforce to avoid duplication. The link customer is… Read More »

Syncing data using GUMU™ SAGE ERP X3 Integration for Salesforce

Syncing data in our product GUMU™ SAGE ERP X3 Integration for Salesforce is a powerful feature and it empowers you with the ability to import any data in Salesforce from Sage ERP X3. The feature provides completely dynamic mapping where you can refresh fields and map ERP field with Salesforce field and can fetch and… Read More »

GUMU™ Salesforce Integration with Sage ERPs – New Framework

Greytrix GUMU™ Salesforce integration with Sage ERP is real time bi-directional integration where it integrates your Salesforce.com account with your Sage ERP. (Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage Enterprise Management). We will be coming up with new version of this integration where we have introduced, many new features. This new version uses Sage SData technology… Read More »