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Exception to SF User for Excluding them through MFA Authentication in Salesforce

In this blog, we will discuss how as a Administrator you can set “Exception to SF User for Excluding them through MFA Authentication in Salesforce”. In Salesforce, it is generally recommended to have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled for all users to provide an additional layer of security to the login process. However, there may be… Read More »

How to Use Custom Permission in Salesforce?

In this blog, we are going to discuss “How to Create and use Custom Permission in Salesforce?”. This blog post will cover the process of creating custom permission in Salesforce and also how to apply/Use Custom Permission in Salesforce. The purpose of this is by using this we can give access to a particular user… Read More »

Mass Email Salesforce Users

Our GUMU™ SAGE ERP Integration for Salesforce (Sage 100, Sage X3/EM and Sage 300) is a real-time bi-directional link. Using GUMU™ user can synch data between Salesforce to Sage ERP and vice versa. Salesforce provides a very useful feature of mass emailing all the users. This can come in handy whenever an administrator wishes to send out a message or… Read More »

DateTime field and Time Zone Settings in Salesforce

Recently, for one of our integration programs we were trying to pass data from our datetime field to the Salesforce datetime field.  We were passing Date as “2014-01-02 00 00 000” but while viewing the same record in the Salesforce User Interface it was displaying the date as “2014-01-01 8 PM”. This posed a big… Read More »

Mass Transfer Custom Object Records from One User to Another

Salesforce provides the ability to mass transfer records from one user to another user. This feature is currently available for some standard Salesforce objects like Accounts and Leads as well as all the custom objects. Only users with administrator rights can transfer records from one user to another user. To transfer the user, follow the… Read More »