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How to Create Quick action button using lightning web component

In this blog, we will learn How to Create Quick action button using lightning web component. To create the quick action button in the salesforce we have to perform the following steps: Create the Js-Meta-Xml File using the following code. JS-META-XML File in lightning web component Open Salesforce and go to the setup->Click on Object… Read More »

How to send CSV attachment in apex code

In this blog, we will discuss How to send csv attachment in apex code. Here, we are going to see how create a csv file with code and then we will send that file as attachment to the mail with the help of the apex code. Apex logic to send the csv attachment with mail:… Read More »

How to Fetch current Record Id from Lightning Web Components (LWC)

This blog discusses on how to fetch the current record Id in the lightning web component. RecordId property is used in the lightning record page, and the property, i.e., recordId, is set to a current record Id. We are using this property in a JavaScript class using a @api decorator, and we need to define… Read More »

How to call the apex method in lightning web component

This blog will help you learn how to call the apex method in the lightning web component. To perform the functions written in the apex class to perform a specific task and create new business solutions. There are two ways to call Apex method from Lightning Web Component: Call apex method Using Wire services. Call… Read More »

How to create records from Apex Restful Service in Salesforce

In this blog, we will learn how to use Apex Restful service to create salesforce records. We will use Workbench to call the apex restful service to perform this procedure.  Step 1. Firstly, Login to the Workbench by using your salesforce org. For instance, use this link to login into Workbench Login-workbench Now, select the… Read More »

How to call an APEX Class from a Screen-Flow

In this blog, we will discuss on how to invoke an Apex class from a Screen Flow through an simple example. In this example, we have created a Screen Flow in which we have created three variables. First one is recordId which is set as available for Input and Output both. RecordId Variable The second… Read More »

Deployment Options for Changeset

Salesforce ‘Winter 16’ release has provided a new way to deploy a change set in the production organization. These deployment changes include test options for change sets. Now, a user can choose which tests to run when validating an inbound change set in production or sandbox at the time of deployment. Test options provide flexibility… Read More »

Delete apex class or trigger in Salesforce Production Org

It is not possible to directly delete an Apex class or trigger after it has been deployed to production. A quick workaround to delete or disable Apex Class/Trigger is by using eclipse and Force.com IDE. Here are the steps – Download Force.com IDE. Connect to the salesforce production org. Download the apex class/trigger. Open the… Read More »

Dependent class is invalid and needs recompilation error

We had a trigger active and working fine for the past one year. This trigger would create a task and opportunity; as well as send an email based on certain business rules when the customer gave any kind of feedback online at the Salesforce portal. Some days back, we started getting the following error:This was… Read More »