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Creating SObject Dynamically by Using Id

While working on one of our projects, we faced a challenge where we were supposed to create the object, already existing in the database, dynamically from just an “Id”. We had no information other than the Id field of the record. We can use the functions of SObjectType class to create the instance of a… Read More »

Deployment Options for Changeset

Salesforce ‘Winter 16’ release has provided a new way to deploy a change set in the production organization. These deployment changes include test options for change sets. Now, a user can choose which tests to run when validating an inbound change set in production or sandbox at the time of deployment. Test options provide flexibility… Read More »

Duplicate Data Management in Salesforce

We all are aware of the need of clean and accurate data for any organization and how these duplicates make our life hell, no matter which industry or vertical we belong to. Take an example, you are looking for a specific record and you browsed to the respective tab, say, employees. When you filter the view,… Read More »

Enable Lightning Experience on Salesforce

Salesforce describes Lightning as the future of CRM. Lightning has been a multi-year mission for Salesforce. One of the most prominently visible feature in the lightning experience is the new and refreshing User Interface. However, this is not all that there is to lightning. It also offers a platform designed to maximize sales rep productivity,… Read More »

Set controller variable/properties from JavaScript

Sometimes we need to pass values to apex code or assign the controller properties in JavaScript. Here is the trick that we can use to set a value to an apex variable/properties from JavaScript code using <apex:inputTextarea>  tag in Visualforce Page. <apex:inputTextarea id=”setDataStringValue” value=”{!setDataStringValue}” styleClass=”exampleDataToSetVariable” style=”display:none;”/> We will set the value ‘data’ in JavaScript function… Read More »