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Primary Contact Promotion from Salesforce to Sage 300 Cloud Using Salesforce Lightning Version

This blog post will dive into the topic of Primary Contact promotion from Salesforce to Sage 300 Cloud ERP using GUMU™ Integration within the Salesforce Lightning platform, providing a comprehensive guide for users. In our GUMU™ Integration, we have integrated AR Customer, Contact, and Sales Order along with their related entities. This information synchronizes between… Read More »

Steps to Update or Promote Salesforce Contact to the Sage 100 ERP Using GUMU™ Lightning Interface

In this blog, we will discuss how a user can Update or Promote Salesforce Contact to the Sage 100 ERP system using GUMU™ Lightning Interface. This blog list further enhancement to the point discussed in the existing blog. In the Sage 100 (US) system, each account has one or more than one Contact, whereas Salesforce… Read More »

Resolve Process Builder error while importing data using GUMU™

This blog is about how GUMU™ Integration Import Routine Logs provides information about an error while importing invalid data from Sage ERP to Salesforce. Let’s consider an example where a custom “Process Builder” created in Salesforce validates only those Contact created in Salesforce org which has email address appended as “tets.com”. Now the GUMU™ Integration… Read More »

Request updated information from Salesforce contacts

A lot of times it happens that an organization has outdated information of its contacts. Salesforce provides a useful Stay-in-Touch Requests feature using which the administrator or someone who owns a contact can send an email to the contact requesting to provide updated contact details. To request updated information, follow the below steps – Navigate… Read More »