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How to resolve ERROR [System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied.] after installing GUMU™ Extension

In this blog, we will discuss how to resolve ERROR [System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘C:\inetpub\wwwroot\GUMU_Extension\Log\LOG_2022-02-06.txt’ is denied.]. This error occurs after the installation of the GUMU™ Extension package for additional webservices processing that arent provide by Sage and the users need those for data processing as per their business need. GUMU Extensions – GetTableData… Read More »

AR-Invoice Promotion (GUMU™ Add-On) from Salesforce to Sage 300 ERP – Lightning Version

In this blog, we will discuss how a user can promote an AR-Invoice from Salesforce to Sage 300 ERP using GUMU™ Integration. Our product GUMU™ Integration is well known for the real-time, bi-directional sync of data between Salesforce to Sage ERP. Using GUMU™ users can promote Invoices from Salesforce to Sage ERP as well as import the… Read More »

GUMU™ – New Quick Line Entry – Salesforce-Sage 300 ERP Integration

In this blog, we will be discussing on the new upcoming feature of GUMU™️ for Salesforce – Sage 300 ERP to be introduced named as Quick Line Entry (QLE). Using the feature of Quick Line Entry, the user will be able to add multiple records at a single button click and can also fetch Real-Time… Read More »

Synching Additional (Order Details) Fields from Salesforce to Sage 300 ERP

In the previous blog, we looked on the ways to Synching Additional (Order) Fields from Salesforce to Sage 300 ERP. In this blog we will showcase user the further ways to Sync additional values from the Order Detail screen for the selected Product from Salesforce to Sage 300 ERP system. Follow the below steps to see… Read More »

Salesforce Webservice Patch Method – HTTP PATCH verb in Salesforce

One of the awaited features that we were looking from Salesforce technical team is HTTP PATCH verb. Our product GUMU™ Integration deals with various web services as a part of integration with ERPs. Posting huge records with lots of ERP data was causing unnecessary performance issue with PUT verb. In other words, we are able to… Read More »

Enable Editing of Open Sales Orders in GUMU™ Sage 300 Integration

Our GUMU™ Integration has launched a couple of new features in its new version. One of the new upcoming features introduced in GUMU™ is it enables to edit promoted Sales Order. In our previous blog for promoting Sales Order we perceived how a user can Promote Sales Orders from Salesforce to Sage 300. Earlier we… Read More »

Activating and Deactivating Tax Calculation (ERP Configuration) Setting for Quotes in Salesforce

In our previous blog, we discussed the tax calculation setting on GUMU Sales Order screen. In this blog, we will discussing the details about how the user can control the tax calculation on Quotes that needs to be promoted to Sage ERP. To perform enabling & disabling of Tax rule, please follow below mentioned steps.… Read More »