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Custom Approval Process in Salesforce – Part 2

In continuation to our previous blog, where we worked on the UI for Approver. In this blog, we will be working on the functionality & also build UI. ApproverOrReject.cmp The above code will create the UI for the Approver Screen as shown below, Approver Screen Here Approver can write their comment prior to Approval or Rejection… Read More »

Custom Approval Process in Salesforce – Part 1

In this blog, we will discuss how to Create Custom Approval Process. But, the Purpose of creating Custom Approval Process is when the client wants any addition in Approval UI or any validation on Approval screen then we can’t achieve that because of Standard Functionality, so then we have created our own Approval Process. So… Read More »

How to remove Apex Code from Production Environment

It is fairly effortless to delete an unwanted apex class or trigger in a Sandbox Environment. On the other hand, Unlike the Sandbox environment, it is not possible to delete code from Production environment just by clicking in the DELETE Button. Here are some methods that may work for you. NOTE: Please consider that deleting… Read More »

How to Display Toasts or Notices using Lightning : NotificationLibrary

In this blog, we will discuss on how to display messages via toast or notices using Lightning:NotificationLibrary component. Lightning:NotificationLibrary Lightning:NotificationLibrary component provides an easy way to display messages via toasts or notices. However, Toast message helps in providing feedback to users. Above all, a toast message can be closed automatically after the predefined period of… Read More »

How to Add or Remove CSS style from the component/element during runtime or dynamically

In this blog, we will discuss how to Add and Remove CSS style from the component or element during runtime. To add and remove CSS style from the component or element, you need to use $A.util.addClass(object element ,string class) and $A.util.removeClass(object element, string class) methods, where “element” is the component to add and remove the… Read More »