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Multi-Currency setup and payment processing with currency rates in Acumatica

Acumatica has introduced a feature of multiple base currencies. The feature is available in the financial module where we can automatically compute realized and unrealized currency gains and losses, perform account revaluations and translate complete financial statements Enable Multi-Currency Accounting Features: Navigate to System Management > Licensing > Enable/Disable Features. The initial step would be to enable… Read More »

Acumatica – Access Custom Field in Mobile Application

Acumatic ERP provides a wide range of features and functionalities. With the growing technologies and hand-held devices, it becomes important to support multiple platforms in order to make them user-friendly. Acumatica has extended accessibility of the ERP data using the Mobile phone and has created the application for Android as well as iOS. We are… Read More »

Add a customized field to the selector/lookup of Acumatica

We are all aware of the selector control in Acumatica and its use. Standard fields can be easily added to the selector/lookup control through screens, but custom fields will not be displayed on the selector control by following the same process. We must perform some additional steps to make it visible on the selector and… Read More »

Adding a Side Panel in Generic Inquiries

Acumatica ERP provides a powerful data analysis reporting tool – Generic Inquiry to access the data from within ERP.  The Generic Inquiry provides On Screen result based on the applied filters and anyone with basic logical skill can edit and create a Generic Inquiry. Side panel in Acumatica ERP provides an easy navigation to another screen… Read More »

Add standard field to the selector/lookup of Acumatica

A lookup or a selector control contains the data like a table or a grid which is displayed in the form of rows and columns. The data consists of the records from a table (DAC) within Acumatica ERP and allows the selection of a specific row. Acumatica selector control has an inbuilt filtering and sorting functionality for better… Read More »

Acumatica – Adding custom validation on Release event

Acumatica ERP allows customization to interrupt the standard business logic and add/change the user defined criteria to complete the process as per business requirement. Validation plays an important role to allow or restrict any events and provides user a chance to make the changes prior to applying it on the business level. In this blog,… Read More »

Linking Sales Order to Purchase Order in Acumatica

Acumatica ERP is a very flexible and efficient solution that will help us maintain our business process, increase our business’s transparency, and allow an entire organization to access the platform. Its efficiency, flexibility, and high configuration make it the user easy to operate. In this blog we are going to discuss one of its features… Read More »

Acumatica – Using Import Scenarios to Import data from Excel

Acumatica provides an inbuilt functionality to import data from external sources. We come across many situations where we need to import data into Acumatica from external file and this feature comes in handy. Acumatica supports multiple file types for importing data. Importing data into Acumatica is a 3-step process and we will be demonstrating each… Read More »

Acumatica Error – File path too long on Project Validation or Publish

Acumatica ERP provides an inbuilt option to customize an existing functionality or add new functionalities. Acumatica has a Customization Projects screen to manage all the customization projects and when we open the Customization Project Editor, all the available customization areas can be viewed in left section of the screen. While working on one of our… Read More »

Create and Update Wiki article in Acumatica

A Wiki is the collection of articles and enable digital content management specific to the business or the product. It consists of a set of interlinked web pages defined as articles organized logically within folders. Acumatica Help WIKI acts like the user manual which provides the information about the functionality of specific process or the… Read More »