Vendor Contract Cost Screen in Standard Edition for Sage 300 ERP

By | January 16, 2018

Here we have come up with yet another customization for the users in Standard Edition of Sage 300.
As we know, there is no Vendor Contract Cost Standard screen in the standard version of Sage 300, so the users will not be able to set the price of an item for a respective vendor in the system.
We have created our own customized screen for Vendor Contract Cost where the end user can set the base price of the item for a particular vendor.
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To avoid this type of problems/issues or inconvenience to set the price or anything related to item or vendor we can use this customization.
Below is the screenshot of the screen for your reference.

As per the above screenshot, we can set the base unit price of a particular UOM of the particular item for the vendor with the help of this utility.
We can also import & export bulk data for inserting items for setting the base price from the import/export button.
Here we can edit the unit price & set the base price as per the respective UOM of the item.
Here we can also set discount percentage for the particular item’s UOM which will be used in the Purchase related entries.
The main purpose of this blog is0 to help the users using a Standard version of Sage 300 ERP to create and edit the items base price & help them to insert bulk data for the items & their respective vendors.
We will share some more features in our Customised screen in Part 2 of this blog.