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IC Lot/Serial Transaction Report in SAGE 300

In our last posts we had discussed most of the Lot/Serial Number List and Lot/Serial Stock reports in Sage 300. Similarly IC Serial Transaction Report  is used to know the details about the transactions performed for a particular lot/Serial Number. This report gives the details of the Lot/Serial locations, availability, transaction types and source applications.… Read More »

AP Payment Export utility

The Payment Entry screen allows you to enter invoices while simultaneously entering payments for existing vendors or one-time vendors then this is known as a “cash Invoice”. To enter an invoice when adding a payment, you must select Misc. Payment as the transaction type. Accounts Payable then displays a detailed transaction where you can enter… Read More »

Sales Statistics of Salesperson per Invoice

In Sage 300 ERP, when you enter a transaction in Order Entry, the salespersons assigned to the customer account in Accounts Receivable appear on the Sales Split tab by default. You can assign portions of each transaction to the salesperson or salespersons responsible for the customer account or sale. Sales commissions are calculated when you… Read More »

Bank Master Export Utility

Bank Services module in our Sage 300 ERP centralizes payments and receipts for all Sage 300 accounting programs. It maintains bank information, tracks payments and receipts, reverses payments, returns NSF items, performs reconciliations with bank statements, and creates General Ledger batches for information from bank statements and miscellaneous monthly transactions. The master screen, Bank, stores… Read More »