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Validation on OE Shipment Entry Screen and OE Invoice Entry Screen

In Sage 300, you can restrict posting of OE Order Entry, OE Shipment Entry and OE Invoice Entry for particular customer by keeping the status ‘Inactive’ in Customer Master Screen. But, it will also restrict posting of Order Entry. For one of our client, we required to restrict only posting of OE Shipment and OE… Read More »

Auto calculation of OE Miscellaneous Charges

In Sage 300, we can add miscellaneous charges manually in detail line of Shipment Entry and Invoice Entry and at the time of adding miscellaneous charges user needs to take care of Taxes which are required to calculate on the respective miscellaneous code and for this, there will be a long procedure for creation of… Read More »

Retrieve the Data click on Load Button when Entry get failed on PO Receipt screen

Overview of Po Receipt Screen:- Use the Receipt Entry screen to: Enter receipts of goods into Purchase Orders—for inventory or non-inventory items. Edit existing receipts. Enter or change the vendor address information. Enter additional costs for receipts (from primary or secondary vendors). Invoice receipts and additional costs. The user can put the number of the… Read More »

Barcode integration with IC Shipment Screen in Sage300

Use the I/C Shipments screen to: Record shipments of items out of inventory. Record returns of items to inventory (sales returns). Import shipment and sales return transactions from other Sage 300 databases or from non-Sage 300 programs. Export shipment and sales return transactions. New Stuff:– Barcode integration with IC Receipt Screen in Sage300 When you specify… Read More »