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Resizable Method or data member not found.

Sage 300 provides an SDK using which a developer can customize an existing OCX screen. This customize screen needs to be upgraded with a higher version of sage 300 when passes years. When we want to upgrade this customize source code with a higher version and opened customize code in VB then sometimes error occurs… Read More »

Unresolved external symbol _vsnprintf error while making a Sage 300 view

As we all are aware that we can create a views using Sage 300 sdk and further we can utilize the standard features of Sage 300 with the help of those views. New Stuff: Order Entry – Invoice Payment Tracking Report Sometime while making a view fatal error occurred ‘link’: return code ‘0x460’ Below is… Read More »

How to use BlkPut to save data into Sage 300 using Advantage API in C#

In this blog, we will be looking on saving the data into Sage 300 with BlkPut function using Advantage API in C# .Net. Sage 300 has different ways to save the records using code recorded by macro where all the values are assigned to the fields individually using Field Name or Field Index, record saving… Read More »