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How to use Existing ACCPAC Advantage Session in C#

In this blog, we are going to define the use of an existing Sage 300c session with ACCPAC Advantage in C# .Net. We have seen that when we use ACCPAC Advantage DB link for opening ACCPAC Advantage View, we use session for initializing DB link instance I.e., object. New Stuff: SAU Plugin error while installing… Read More »

Resizable Method or data member not found.

Sage 300 provides an SDK using which a developer can customize an existing OCX screen. This customize screen needs to be upgraded with a higher version of sage 300 when passes years. When we want to upgrade this customize source code with a higher version and opened customize code in VB then sometimes error occurs… Read More »

Unresolved external symbol _vsnprintf error while making a Sage 300 view

As we all are aware that we can create a views using Sage 300 sdk and further we can utilize the standard features of Sage 300 with the help of those views. New Stuff: Order Entry – Invoice Payment Tracking Report Sometime while making a view fatal error occurred ‘link’: return code ‘0x460’ Below is… Read More »