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Using CCLSROTO for Updating Roto file with proper Class Ids for Sage 300 Custom Modules

Sage 300 is very compact and very flexible ERP on the other hand, for implementing various day to day business processes followed by the organization. To handle some specific functioning or business process, we may require supporting information to be stored in the database custom tables with provided supportive user interface. This can be easily… Read More »

Setup Departments in Sage 500

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which is being used in every organization from department to department for its day to day activities and in an organization there are many department like Inventory management, Customer order management, production planning, shipping and accounting. New Stuff : Finder Configuration in Sage 300 Web using Finder… Read More »

Finder Configuration in Sage 300 Web using Finder Definition Generator Wizard

As we all are aware of Sage 300 ERP web screens functionalities are being improved with every new release. Besides of this, Sage300 wizards plays an important role in Sage300 Cloud development. The intent of the wizard is to generate code files in a Sage300 Web UI solution. In this blog we are going to… Read More »

IC Stock Statement Report in Sage 300c

An inventory report is a summary of stock. It provides information of stock available, storage and other information about the status and performance of inventory. The stock transaction report in Sage 300c lists inventory on basis of various parameters like Account Set, Fiscal Period and Location. Depending upon the selected parameters, the report is printed… Read More »

Compile error: User defined type not defined

In this blog, we will discuss about the solution of compile error “user-defined type not defined”. Sage 300 gives ability to modify any screens I.e. customize a standard screen functionality or adding a new functionality to the standard screen. New Stuff: Document attachment for sage 300 Advanced & Standard edition released When a developer adds… Read More »