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Sage 300c Web Screen Supported Regional Language

Sage 300 web screens support multiple regional languages. It is utilizing the resource files (Resx files) to maintain localize setting like strings, text, captions, messages etc. These resource files (Resx files) are supported by Microsoft’s Resource manager class which is present in the Sage 300 web screen. New Stuff:- Sage 300C Grid filtration for Transaction… Read More »

Sage 300C Grid filtration for Transaction Screens

There was a very unique but interesting requirement from one of our clients. The requirement was to provide filter on Item description column on the detail level order entry grid to modify only those records which are getting matched with item description filter. Once we remove the filter, all the records should be display into… Read More »

Miscellaneous Charge/Template requirement on Ship Commit All Customization in OE Shipment

Sage 300 ERP comes with various factors and features to maintain the data and integrity of the organization. We are now almost aware about the customization that can be done in Sage 300 ERP that makes it easier and organization oriented. One such customization we have already seen is a customization done on Order Entry… Read More »

Sage 300: Order Entry Entered by report

In this blog we are going to discuss about the new custom “Order Entry Entered by” Report which we have developed for one of our customers. This report shows which user entered orders. New Stuff:- OE Transaction List Report The user interface for “Order Entry Entered by” Report is as displayed below. The report data… Read More »

OE Transaction List Report

In the Sage 300 ERP, every module provides a number of standard reports which helps users to get the detailed transaction information, Transactions Status, Setups etc. In this blog we are going to take a look at on O/E Transaction List Report. New Stuff:- Hide Completed Orders in Order Entry Finder The O/E Transaction List Report… Read More »

Hide Completed Orders in Order Entry Finder

In the large organizations too many sales orders are getting generating each day and their shipment/invoice may not be done at the same time. Thus keeping the order status to Incomplete (Open) which needs to be shipped/invoiced later in future. Sage 300 sales order entry screen has an order finder which lists all the orders… Read More »

Customizing the Navigation Menu of Sage 300c.

Using the Customize Navigation Menu screen, you will be able to hide or show the Sage 300c menus as per company wise. For example, you want to display only selected navigation menus of Sage 300 for all the users while they accessing the page on the web. In that case, admin user has selection options… Read More »