Greytrix Sage CRM – Mass Delete

By | April 27, 2009

They say “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We, at Greytrix just found out how. This happened when we were in the process of developing GUMU for Sage CRM – ACT! migration. For the benefit for those who have heard this for the first time, the product enables the users to migrate data from ACT! to Sage CRM and Sage

During the development and testing the migration for on premise Sage CRM we could always restore a blank SageCRM database and then re run the migration. The process was simple and life was good. But we soon realized that we cannot follow the same process for hosted version of SageCRM simply because once cannot access the SageCRM database in a hosted environment. At this point we needed a way to delete the records from our account in hosted SageCRM as well as on premise. This gave “birth” to a utility which developers used to delete data from account.

The developers may be developing really complex applications and routines but when they need something for themselves it needs to be simple in fact very simple. So, the Greytrix Sage CRM – Mass Delete utility has only one screen where the user can select an entity and then set criteria for deleting for that entity. The process of setting the criteria involves selecting the field and setting the value based on which the records needs to be deleted and then adding this to the grid. The user can add multiple criteria for a particular entity.

The developers at Greytrix were very satisfied with the utility. Then one of the developers came up with a brainwave. He said how about “seeing” the data before deleting it. It was a good suggestion. The delete utility now also has a feature where you can see the data that is retrieved based on the criteria. The user can even select or deselect individual records from this data set and then only delete the records which have been selected.

We have been using this wonderfully simple but useful tool since then during the testing of for all our products like SageCRM – QuickBooks integration, SageCRM – Peachtree integration etc.

The product is now available for “mass” use and anyone can benefit this utility to clean up their database. The details for the same can be obtained from our website ( -> Extended Solutions -> Sage CRM – > MASS DELETE) or by sending us an email. BTW, Greytrix also has a lot of expertise in data cleaning and data integrity services where we can help you out in making your Sage CRM database usage a much better experience and if you are seriously having problems with your data integrity, buzz us once and we maybe able to help you out.