Greytrix Sage CRM CTI Framework

By | December 8, 2016

Integrating enterprise customer database with computer telephony systems to provide prompt customer response each time.

Communication with Clients or Business Partners through telephones, emails and chats is an indispensable part of businesses for offering cutting edge services and closing deals.  Managing customer communication is a hassle unless you have an integrated system wherein all the details of your clients are visible on a single console while attending these client communications.

Greytrix analyzed the challenges in these client communications and brings to your enterprise Sage CRM CTI Framework.

sage crm cti framework

Sage CRM CTI Framework, a single integrated console allows enterprises to leverage existing Sage CRM technology. Whenever a service agent answers a customer call, crucial data such as call logs, support tickets, orders, payment history of the customer is readily available on the agent’s desktop while responding to the customer’s service request. Moreover, auto-logging events of the call as they go, and creating communications in the system assists the service agent in generating meaningful insights from the customer interaction. In case of a call drop, an interactive communication area allows redialing without manually punching the customer’s number.

Thus, Greytrix Sage CRM CTI Framework is a versatile system that helps you in mapping your business process with your telephone lifecycle.

Operational benefits of Sage CRM CTI Framework:  

  • Save crucial time of service agents and shorten response time
  • Flexible open ended infrastructure for easy customization and is scalable with your Sage CRM.
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve after call work
  • Better uniformity in documentation and analytics