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Restrict Users from accessing Document of Different territory

In today’s world, where maintaining and managing details within a system is a must from automation point of view; documenting necessary stuff is also very important on another hand. While working in an organization, at one point there is always a need of storing company documents in a safe place. Every business has its own… Read More »

Error in Move Territory functionality in Sage CRM

Sage CRM has inbuilt powerful Security mechanism known as “Territories”. By setting territories in Sage CRM, we can restrict one user from accessing records of another user belonging to different territory. Territory field is available on Main entities. A territory can be defined geographically, by product area or by any other criteria. New Stuff: Increase… Read More »

Rebalancing complex territory structures

When it comes to Territories, implementation complexity increases. When it comes to migration of territories and rebalancing the territory structure, it becomes more complex. I have already discussed on this blog how you can swiftly carry our Territory migration. See below link. Related Post: Territory Migration Now I will discuss how to handle rebalancing of… Read More »

Re-assignment within same team/territory

Sage CRM is very much flexible to manage different type of situations as per business needs. It has been designed in such a way that we can do complicated configurations very easily. In this blog I will explain you how to restrict/filter users list on reassignment functionality based on certain condition. The New Stuff: Sage… Read More »

Enhanced Data Security – Restriction on Custom entity screen buttons

Data security and data maintenance is very much important in today’s world. Many organizations follow the concept of territorial structure while some still stick to basics and make the data of user from one territory available for viewing purpose for user in another territory. This user might not have permissions to modify the data, but… Read More »

Territory Migration

Geographical area or type of customers assigned to a sales unit such as salesperson, sales manager, franchisee, distributor, or agent etc. are the main components of dividing sales process of an industry based on territories. Not only the sales process, but several other business logics also implement territorial structures these days in order to enhance… Read More »

Cross Territory Sales In Sage CRM

In todays business world Sales Management Process plays a vital role. Sage CRM is one of the players in market who has made available a well organized way to deal with a Sales process using Leads and opportunities in CRM. It has also provided efficient way to integrate CRM and ACCPAC ERP to maintain the… Read More »