GROUPS functionality for custom entity

By | June 12, 2009

GROUPS is a very efficient feature provided by SAGE CRM using which we can collectivelly refer to the several entity records at the same time for performing particular action. This functionality is available for all the standard entities in SAGE CRM like Company, Person, Cases, opportunities etc.

Now, what if you want this functionality for the custom entity. Well, we have a component which does the same. See the working of the component as mentioned below.

First, we have created one custom entity named “Main” in CRM. Then, we have provided one button named as “Add this Record to Group” on the summary page of this entity as shown below:

Clicking on this button will open a new popup window which will list out all the static groups related to that custom entity, as shown below:

If user clicks on the “Save” button, it will first check whether this particular custom entity record has been already added to the selected Group or not. If it is not added, then it will add the same to that group.

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