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Mass Update in Sage CRM

The mass update function allows you to simultaneously update same fields in selected records within a group. Consider if one of Sales Person is left from Organization and System Administrator wanted to assign all of his Customers, Contacts to new Sales Person, then Sage CRM Mass Update function can be used effectively. New Stuff: How to Remove Report Category from… Read More »

Control Access to Group Emailing in Sage CRM

Sage CRM is a flexible system with strong controls to manage your business efficiently. Let’s see today about one of its Emailing feature. In Sage CRM, users can easily search for Companies or People and send emails using New Email button available on Find or Groups screens. New Stuff: Additional Information in Entity Top Content… Read More »

Hide Export data option for Non admin users

Using Export to File button available on Sage CRM find screens and Group screens, users can export data (in CSV, Text, Excel CSV format). Sage CRM provides a very powerful security mechanism to restrict users from accessing confidential data from Non-admin users and make it available only for Mangers and Administrators. New Stuff: Associate Company… Read More »

GROUPS functionality for custom entity

GROUPS is a very efficient feature provided by SAGE CRM using which we can collectivelly refer to the several entity records at the same time for performing particular action. This functionality is available for all the standard entities in SAGE CRM like Company, Person, Cases, opportunities etc. Now, what if you want this functionality for… Read More »