Small, but usefull Territory concept….

By | June 12, 2009

Does anyone come up with Assigned To security function which is dependent on user’s profile?

Let’s assume, if there is Territory structure defined as East, West and Central. By Default, users from East can view the data that belongs to East territory and same is the case for West and Central territory users. Now, suppose there might be a situation where the users from Central territory should have access to view the data from both territories. The solution to the above situation is to use Assigned to security function which is provided in standard Sage CRM.

E.G. Suppose we have created one person which belongs to East territory and we have assigned that person to the user that belongs to Central territory. Now suppose, we want to view the data of this person from East territory, then we just have to go to the users section and under the security context use the security profiles section. Here you can provide the Assigned to security rights to this user so that he can see the data of the above mentioned person from East territory.

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