Disable Double click property on SSA field

By | June 10, 2016

As we know that in SAGE CRM, we can link a record to Search Select Advance (SSA) field and on double click, it redirects to summary page of that record in pop up screen. But if we want to hide the details of that record from users, then we can disable this functionality using JavaScript for this SSA field on new page.

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To make the double click property disable for SSA field on new page, you have to put few lines of JavaScript code in your .js page (ex. Case.js) for “On Load” and “On Change” event.

Refer the below code-
function CaseOnLoad()
If (document.getElementById(“case_primarycompanyidSPAN”))
Then, put the path of .js page in Custom Content of New Page screen to call the function.
Ex. <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’../CustomPages/Script/Case.js’></script>
Now, choose a record from that SSA field and try to open the pop up screen using double click. You will see the effect.
Happy Coding!
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