Adding fields to standard tracking notes

By | October 9, 2009

I am talking about Cases and CaseProgress Entities. We already know that there are some fields on the case screen for which if the value is changed an entry is made into the tracking note to record this change. I always wondered how do I add some more fields to this tracking note so that I can customize this tracking note being displayed to make it more specific and easy to recognize.

Then I closely observed the list being used to display tracking information under tracking tab. From there what I recognized is, there exists a field name Progress. This field is responsible for holding all the changed values of fields to be displayed in tracking note.

Suppose, you want to track the changed value of Description field. Now if you will change the Case Description value an entry will be made in CaseProgress table and the same can be viewed from tracking tab, however there you will not be able to find the changed value for description. The reason is, the values which are shown in the Tracking comes from the Case Progress Detail Box screen. This screen is available under the CaseProgress entity. Only those fields that are displayed in the Progress field as explained above are added in the screen named Case Progress Detail Box and are shown in the Tracking accordingly. This is the place where you need to add the Case_description field in order to view the changed value for the same.

The similar scenario also applies for Opportunity Entity.

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