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Tracking your custom fields in SageCRM

When it comes to progressing workflows, updating values in any entity of CRM Tracking is very much necessary. Being business software CRM handles very delicate data and we cannot afford anybody to just go and change anything. Hence the Tracking functionality has been provided by SageCRM out of the box. The New Stuff: Checklist for… Read More »

Adding fields to standard tracking notes

I am talking about Cases and CaseProgress Entities. We already know that there are some fields on the case screen for which if the value is changed an entry is made into the tracking note to record this change. I always wondered how do I add some more fields to this tracking note so that… Read More »

Delete unused case tracking entries

You must be knowing that you can not delete unused or incorrect tracking entries for case entity as per the standard feature ptovided. Here is the component that we have developed if you want this kind of functionality in CRM. After installing this component you will see the new tab called Case Tracking under the… Read More »