Importance of prevURL property

By | November 15, 2010

Recently in a customization I was doing for a client I had to add a list block in a custom page. On clicking on the hyperlink on the list the page redirects to the communication summary page. I noticed a strange thing happen, whenever I am on the standard communication summary screen redirected from this custom list, all the buttons in the communication screen lose their URL’s and was unable to redirect the page.

I tried different methods to solve this issue but was not successful. Later I found that I had just missed the below lines in my custom page i.e
var sURL=new String( Request.ServerVariables(“URL”)() + “?” + Request.QueryString );

And magically all the errors were rectified! Ever wondered what prevURL property does?
prevURL is used whenever we use List block and it is hyperlinked to any standard entity. It is assigned to the URL of the ASP page which contains the list block. When the custom page is redirected to an entity page through the list, the actions on the entity page get the url and hence become functional.

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